Build A Castle That Will Span The Ages!

Launching on Kickstarter May 25th

Build A Castle That Will Span The Ages!

The King has commissioned the construction of a magnificent castle!

Should you complete this quest, you will be crowned with riches and renown!

Be on guard; other Guild Masters seek this opportunity as well.

They are a dirty lot who will stop at nothing to gain the King’s favor.

You must out-recruit, out-build, and out-maneuver all of them if you are to succeed!

Should the King suspect any misbehavior during his inspections of your build, it will be your heads!

For King & Country!

Launching on Kickstarter May 25th

CastleScape is a deck-building, area-control game set in the Middle Ages—a time of kings and guilds, money and power, deception and influence.

You will assume the role of a Guild Master and compete against others to build the King’s castle.

Earn the most Renown and be awarded titles and deeds fitting of a prince!

Be Cautious

Do your bidding behind the scenes by leveraging pacts, enforcing propaganda or rallying the serfs.

But be cautious! Should your deeds be exposed, you will have to face the wrath of the King and the people!

Otherwise be upright – yet be cautious of those who do not share your virtues!

Be Clever

Wisely spend your Guild’s riches to enhance your influence and construct a castle worthy of the King!

Be Cunning

Cleverly fulfill the King’s contracts and build the castle in a way that will showcase your brilliance while exposing your opponents’ foolishness!

Will You Heed The King’s Request?

Launching on Kickstarter May 25th